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Big Kentucky 8 Point by Adam Bush

Story by Adam Bush  OSTV Pro Staff

The 2014 deer season started out slow for me. I really didn’t have a targetbuck at the beginning of the season, wasn’t getting any picture of a shooter. We decided concentrate on the new lease, and on rusty’s deer.  Mid October i finally started getting some pictures of the deer we called the big 8. The only thing was all the pictures were at night. Muzzleloader came and went with no luck.We decided to stay out of the area until the rut. Check the Covert camera right before gun season, still no daytime pictures, but he was there right before daylight. So November 9th we decided to try it, this was the second day of rifle season. It was a cold morning we saw some deer chasing right before good daylight just couldn’t tell what it was. Finally got good daylight and rusty sees the big 8 coming our way. He comes to woods but just wont come in. He goes up and down the fence row for about 5 minutes, then he comes in the woods but he walks away without giving me a good shot. Then as luck has it two does walk under us and gets his attention and he turns and comes on in. He comes to about 75 yards and the CVA let him have it. I cant thank Rusty enough for his time and hard work. We waited for
the right wind, this was the third time to hunt this woods. We relied on our trail cameras and it paid off. More scouting less hunting..

Weapon: CVA Apex 270 Barrel
Sight: Vortex Viper 4-12×40
Optics: Vortex  10×50 Binos
Clothing: Rutwear Endurance Series Realtree
Boots: Lacrosse Arrow
Field Spray: Dead Down Wind 3D
Trail Camera: Covert MP8 Blacks
TJ Attack the Rack mineral

Another Alberta black bear for Open Season TV camera crew


I got invited on a bear hunt in Alberta to film Hunter Jones one of Open Season Tv newest camera men to pursue his first black bear.   With this invitation I was offered the chance to be able to hunt for myself if Hunter was lucky enough to get one down.   First though was we are using CVA I’ll defiantly get a chance if I go.  Then the bad news we get there and the weather is horrible.  First two days nothing although a few bears where taking out of the guys in camp.  Which was still keeping our heads held high. Day three Hunter lays the smack down on his first black bear. Now it’s finally time to jump in front of the camera.  At this point I’m jacked Hunter just shot a good bear and now it’s my turn to pull the trigger!  With three days left thinking it was just a matter of time. Boy was I right and a matter of too much time as it came down to the last day.  We’ve been hunting climbers all week and just decided you know what last day lets just sit on the ground.  Start looking for a spot you know what let’s just set up 10 yards off the bait in that bit of cover right there.  Down to the last hour now and really loosing hope at this point. Then just like that out of nowhere this black bear is walking out of the small trees right in front of us.  Right to the bait he came!  Then right before he gets to the bait lays down where some oats spilled from the day before with his vitals right behind a tree.  Thinking really! This goes on for twenty minuets again thinking really!!!  With the CVA muzzleloader cocked and ready the bear finally gets up takes one step kinda Towards us and the bait.  I get the green light from Hunter. I have waited long enough and have 110% confidence in that CVA muzzeloader even with a slightly quartering to me shot.  Boom! That bear didn’t make it 15 yards before letting out the death moan and I just smoked my first black bear.  This trip was so much fun and just want to thank everyone that help Hunter and I tag our first black bears.

Open Season TV camera guy gets a chance at a Black Bear in Alberta


This trip was last second and very hectic to begin but boy was I glad made the trip to Alberta, Canada. Brad the other camera man for Open Season TV and I decided two days before the Alberta Black Bear season started that we wanted to make the trip up there, in both of us in full pursuit of killing our first bear. I was luckily behind the CVA  muzzeloader first! The first two days of our hunt were very rough, not seeing any movement at all, but most of this due to the 8 inches of snow we got the first day we arrived to camp and the unseasonable low temperatures! On the 3rd day after sitting for five and a half hours I hear Brad say “BEAR!” And I reply “WHERE” we both were both in disbelief cause it’s the first bear that either of us had ever even seen. This nice mature black bear began coming into the bait and my adrenaline was pumping more than ever. He came in and offered me a 15 yard shot perfect broadside shot and I was lucky enough to smoke him with the CVA. After seeing him fall about 10 yards away, the party began!! I was speak less and in disbelieve that I had finally completed one of my life long goals! Brad laid down some awesome footage of the hunt and I will never ever forget it! This was a hunt of a life time and a true memory that I will always cherish! its OPEN SEASON TV ON BLACK BEARS IN ALBERTA