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Idaho Antelope James Blankenbeckler

Idaho Antelope

Last year I met a guy on a social media app for hunters called Racksite. I was asking him about hunting in Idaho. After several conversation he told me about a limited draw antelope hunt. I was immediately interested as a P&Y class  antelope was on my dream list. I put if for the tag and was lucky enough to draw one of the 5 non resident tags. After doing some research on hunting regs I found out that I couldn’t use my Dead Ringer Truama broadheads because they were mechanical. After reading about several fixed blade heads I settled on the Cabela’s STK-3 100gr heads. After tuning my my bow I was all set.

Our strategy since it was so dry this summer out west was to sit water holes. Two days before season we got the camp and blind all setup and ourselves settled in. Opening morning we got to the blind right before daylight and setup for a long hot day in the blind. As soon as daylight broke we saw to nice mule deer bucks coming our way and about 50 cows. The cows cane to the water and pushed the deer away. The morning and day was slow we saw three does about 1000yrds away but besides the cows that was it. We were constantly glassine and looking for movement. The cows would come back every few hours but that was it. About 2pm we had two bulls come in and decide to bed right by the water hole. This has me concerned since my previous antelope hunts the goats would t come to water with cows there. As Mike and I were eating a snack Mike saw something on the hill. He grabbed my binos and said there’s a goat and it’s a nice buck. The goat was over a half mile away in the hill side. As he feed along he just turned and made a beeline right toward the water. He was closing fast so Mike and I scrambled to close the windows we didn’t need and get all the cameras rolling. I was still nervous with the Bulls bedded by the water that he wouldn’t come to drink. I peaked out the side window and watch as he continued to head to the water on a rope. 150, 100, and now 75 yards from the water hole. I prepared for the shot as Mike started filming. The goat never once looked at the blind as he closed in. He stared down the Bulls as he approached the water. I came to full draw and settled my pin on his heart and waited for him to fully commit to drinking. Once his head was down in the water hole I slowly squeezed the trigger on my release. Suddenly the bow went of and the goat was running away. I wasn’t sure of my shot as I couldn’t see my arrow hit him. He ran about 35yrds stopped and and then started to spin around as he fell over. What an awesome hunt and time with good friends. Mike and I went to recover him and we had no ground shrinkage we had something rare we had ground growth.  My dream had come true I shot a 78″ goat on the first day of my hunt. I can’t think Cody Drapper enough for helping me out or Racksite for hooking to hunters up and making this possible.

Bow: Obsession Fusion 6
Rest: Vaportrail Micro Elite
Sight: Spot Hogg Fast Eddie
Broadhead: Cabela’s STK-3
Arrow: Victory RIP Elite 350’s
Stabilizers: Dead Center Archery
Strings & Cables: Vaportrail
Optics: Vortex Razor HD 12X50 binos and Ranger 1000 rangefinder
Camo: Drake Nontypical Gear
Camping Supplies: Cabela’s Outfitter
Cooler: Grizzly
POV Camera: Tactacam
Boots: Lacrosse Quickshot 8″
As always I use Dead Down Wind scent elimination products simply because they work and I trust them.


I started getting pictures of a deer we nicknamed fuzzy in July on our covert cameras. At first I had decided to let him grow another year until he kept his velvet and we knew something wasn’t right. We had several encounters with him but just couldn’t seal the deal. After gun season went out and the deer calmed down I was able to locate him again using a narrow block of timber to travel from bedding to feed. On December 8th we climbed into the stand with high hopes and not long after daylight we weren’t disappointed as he was the second deer we saw. He slowly made his way into range and after the shot he didn’t run far and went down in sight. Blessed to have another wonderful year in the woods.


Bow: Matthews the no cam
Optics: vortex diamondbacks
Bow case: skin
Backpack: badlands whitetail hybrid
Camo realtree
Trail camera: covert
Cooler: grizzly 150
Scent control: dead down wind

James Blankenbeckler Indiana Whitetail 2014

I had a miserable 2013 deer season here in Indiana. I only saw one buck I would shoot and I had to work allot of overtime at my job in October and November. Needless to say I had a hefty helping of tag soup at seasons end. I was determined not to have the same outcome this year. I devised a game plan I thought would change things. I was gonna feed the deer  starting in January when our season ended. My hope was that with the brutal cold it would help the deer make it through to the spring and keep them on my property into the fall. I was also going to start running trail cameras earlier and watch the deers changing patterns throughout the year. My plan worked. Our farms had more deer on it then ever and I had several bucks patterned thanks to Huntforce.com. The season started off great I had a very close encounter with a buck we call “Spike Lee” one branch kept me from getting a shot off at 33yrds. The action continued to be great all year as I passed several nice bucks that will be studs in a year or two.  The night of November 11th I got off work early but didn’t have a cameraman so Chuck said he would film me. We made it to a food plot we knew the deer where using. The weather was awful with high winds and mist in the air. We put out my DSD Buck Decoy and settled in for the evening. Chuck and I hunted and filmed each other for several years when we first started Open Season TV so it was great to be in the tree again together like old times. We have a calling sequence we call the “Triple F” and it has worked very well for us throughout the years. The wind started to let up and Chuck said lets do some calling. I was rattling while Chuck grunted and bleated. A few minuets later a buck I knew well called the “Brow 8” was headed right for us looking for the sweet sounds he heard. As he came through the tall grass he started to head away. Chuck grunted and I bleated at him to regain his attention. He stood behind a tree staring in our direction for a couple minuets before he couldn’t take it any longer and broke headed right at us. Once he entered the food plot he spotted the decoy and started to circle it to the down wind side. As he was arching around he was getting out of my shooting lane so I had to stop him. I bleated at him and he stopped dead looking right at the decoy. I settled my 45yrd pin low on his chest and squeezed off the release. The arrow hit perfect and the buck jumped and ran off in the weeds. We watched him as he disappeared behind a tree. Little did we know he fell right there. As Chuck and I relived what just happened it brought back allot of great memories from the first buck we killed on film together back in 2008 to our first mule deer in Colorado. It’s always a blessing to kill a great buck and to do it on film makes it even better but to do it with your best friend right there to share the moment is something that can’t be described and a true memory for life.

Bow: Mathews Chill X
Rest: Vaportrail Micro Elite
Sight: Spot Hogg Hogg It
Broadhead: Dead Ringer Trauma
Arrow: Victory VAP
Stabilizers: Dead Center Archery
Strings & Cables: Vaportrail
Optics: Vortex Razor HD 12X50 and Ranger 1000
Camo: RealTree AP
As always I use Dead Down Wind scent elimination products simply because they work and I trust them. 

Rusty Jackson Last Day Black Bear

My year started off great with a trip back to Manitoba and Bloodvein River Outfitters. I had a great hunt last year with Clay and his dad Nick, taking my first black bear. On the first day of the hunt we settled in and had several close encounters with young bears. Just before dark a nice bear made his way into range and after coming to full draw I had to just watch as my camera informed me he had no view of the bears vitals. After letting the bow back down the bear made his way off with no other shot opportunity. We hunted hard for the next several days seeing bears every day, just not the size we were after. On the last day we had a small bear at the bait and heard a twig snap. When I looked to my left I saw a bigger bear coming in. As soon as the young bear saw him he bolted. The bigger bear came in extremely cautious and even ran off only to come back in after pacing around us for a while. As he walked back in he went by a large root ball of a blown down tree and I saw my chance to draw my bow. When he came out from behind the tree I let the arrow fly and it found its mark. The bear only went 50 yards and expired very quickly. Little did we know that the reason the bear was so cautious was because he was the bear that had came in on the first day. He has a scar across his nose  and that was how we were able recognize him. Had another wonderful experience with Bloodvein and cannot wait for the chance to go back.
bow; matthews htr no cam
arrow; victory vap
broadhead; deadringer trauma
camo; realtree
cooler; grizzly 150
scent control; dead down wind
trail camera; covert optics; vortex diamondbacks
backpack; badlands whitetail hybrid

Hunt of a lifetime is all I have to say Chuck Paddock

Chuck Paddock
Chuck Paddock Elk 2014 San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation

Hunt of a lifetime is all I have to say for a poor kid from Indiana. It is
amazing how life’s twists and turns are and in this case it was amazing whathappened for me on this hunt. I had no idea when I went to the Mathews Show in WI last Dec I would meet a future friend and get to go on a Elk hunt of a lifetime.  It all started with me standing in the Watson Airlock booth helping my friend Chris out. He doesn’t sponsor the show we are just friends and while I was standing there a couple Apache Indians stopped by and we gotto talking and they went on then I was at the ATA Show at the Dead Ringer Booth and one of them stopped by there and we talked again then the crazy part is when we ran into each other at SHOT Show it was almost like Fate. To make a long story short we made a date to come hunt the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in San Carlos AZ for the Second week of Sept which is the heart of the rut for Elk. All the plans we made and I was in disbelief I was actually going to be hunting there but when we arrived they were getting a lot of rain in the mountains from a hurricane that started in Mexico. Ivan Stevens  his dad Bill and Jay had the tents setup 55 miles from town deep into the heart of The Apache Reservation. The first day we had a great bull at 10 yds but I was told I was told it was to small which is something I would hear a lot hahaha all of them looked huge to me hahaha . Well after it dried out a little we could finally make it up the mountain to a place they call Jurassic Park which is a perfect name for this place you could not dream of a more amazing place to hear bugling bulls. What’s crazy is the fact that I had passed some 380″ to 390″ bulls the days prior trying to kill a 400″ bull. As we drove up the mountain that morning I had no idea what I was about to experience no one could you couldn’t dream of what I heard we step out of the truck a a literally screaming bulls in all directions and at least 20 bulls together just non stop screaming it was crazy. As we got into position I remember thinking they can’t hear us calling because they are making to much noise hahaha. There was one bull in particular that all he did was growl so we went after him because typically older bulls growl more so as we hiked up the mountain getting above the bulls because they were going up as well we got into position again and started calling and wouldn’t you know it the old growler started answering then I realized he was actually coming. I say there thinking this is it this could be the moment of truth so I have got to stay focused. Aim small miss small I kept telling myself. Then it happened I saw his legs coming right toward us on a fast pace and then I saw his rack it looked huge and when he turned the mass was insane. He was headed right toward us and I kept asking Ivan is he big enough which he could tell I was wanting to shoot bad but he was still sizing him up but know when he stepped behind a tree at 25 yrds it was my last chance to draw so I drew my bow and then he gets to 15 yds and sees something and stops now at full draw it is getting intense and I know he is about to run and sure enough he runs but stops in the only opening I could shoot frantic I am asking Ivan is he big enough he caved into to me and says yes and I shoot. The arrow hits it mark and I know u just arrowed the biggest bull of my life. As I watch him going down that trail it was 13 sec later he was going down on film and my hunt was over it felt like it was all going in slow motion I was so excited I was full of emotion. As we all began to celebrate and walk down to see him we were pumped then when we got to him, Ivan looked sick and his dad did you this bull was the wrong bull he was not 400″ he was 360″ now for the rest of us in the elk hunting world it is hard to believe my bull is small but to them it was but I told them his mass has character and it was special to have everyone there on the hunt from camp 7 people total haha yes 7  in end end we had a lot of laughs and Back straps that night and great memories and the best They have and how beautiful the terrain is and how different from desert to mountain pines they have it all from 100 degrees in the bottoms to snow in the mountains they have it all on 1.9 million acres. I am going back to play golf on their golf Course this summer just to hang out and enjoy it.