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Big Kentucky 8 Point by Adam Bush

Story by Adam Bush  OSTV Pro Staff

The 2014 deer season started out slow for me. I really didn’t have a targetbuck at the beginning of the season, wasn’t getting any picture of a shooter. We decided concentrate on the new lease, and on rusty’s deer.  Mid October i finally started getting some pictures of the deer we called the big 8. The only thing was all the pictures were at night. Muzzleloader came and went with no luck.We decided to stay out of the area until the rut. Check the Covert camera right before gun season, still no daytime pictures, but he was there right before daylight. So November 9th we decided to try it, this was the second day of rifle season. It was a cold morning we saw some deer chasing right before good daylight just couldn’t tell what it was. Finally got good daylight and rusty sees the big 8 coming our way. He comes to woods but just wont come in. He goes up and down the fence row for about 5 minutes, then he comes in the woods but he walks away without giving me a good shot. Then as luck has it two does walk under us and gets his attention and he turns and comes on in. He comes to about 75 yards and the CVA let him have it. I cant thank Rusty enough for his time and hard work. We waited for
the right wind, this was the third time to hunt this woods. We relied on our trail cameras and it paid off. More scouting less hunting..

Weapon: CVA Apex 270 Barrel
Sight: Vortex Viper 4-12×40
Optics: Vortex  10×50 Binos
Clothing: Rutwear Endurance Series Realtree
Boots: Lacrosse Arrow
Field Spray: Dead Down Wind 3D
Trail Camera: Covert MP8 Blacks
TJ Attack the Rack mineral